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Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd., trading as Foxconn Technology Group and better known as Foxconn, is a Taiwanese multinational electronics contract manufacturer with its headquarters in Tucheng, New Taipei City, Taiwan. Today, it is the world's largest provider of electronics manufacturing services and the third-largest technology company by revenue. The company is the largest private employ


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"low pay no benefits, even holidays, only 3 sick days / year sometime no parking"

Former Employee - Assembly Line Worker says

"Low pay, weekend work, and Favortism."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Staffed with work release thugs that don't know the difference between the workplace and jail. The real criminals are in management; some have been arrested by the FBI."

Former Employee - Quality says

"Poor management. No one seems to know whats going on. They care more about numbers then their employees. You speak up about anything they get rid of you. Unsafe working conditions and a very dirty place. A poor place to work!!!!!!!"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Some employees are working like a slave in the finance team, others are very free and lazy. Finance Management is unprofessional, very corrupted. CFO doesn't need to perform any job in her position but just talking and seating in her desk everyday, she is very busy at hiring new finance team member nearly every month, extremely high employee turn-over rate (30%-50% annual turn over rate in finance team), CFO can use her own power to hire some low educated people who even don't have basic office work ability dummy as a senior higher paid finance member, surprisingly, from the GM to HR and the entry level employees, all of them can accept all those trash and corruption existing and they all keep silent (simply because only those employees who can not find any job outside of the this company will stay in this company for years), those kinds of corruption exists NOT ONLY in one department, I saw some similar dummy employees in the other department, too. It seems corruption is a generally acceptable in this branch, not sure the whole Foxconn corporation??"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Stressful work environment, long hours, unpredictable working hours - some days will be short, some will be very long. 1 utterly terrible person in HR who messes up 100s of lives everyday."

Current Employee - Debugger/Developer says

"They hungry hiring engineers without any planning while they need more technicians and operators and engineers here thery accept any salary because most of them they not eligible to stay in States for long period. So for engineers: dont try to apply at foxconn service because you will fail. I'm an engineer but working as a technician and no way to have a job as engineer because I'm not from their nationality"

Former Employee - Engineer says

"Okay let's break it down by department that way anyone that wishes to apply can get a good picture of what they are in for: 1) HR department - very difficult to locate the manager in the morning. a. There is no privacy when talking to HR as everyone around the cubicles can hear your personal business. b. Expect everyone's starting time around 8:30 am - 7 pm. People usually takes 1.5 hours for lunch since no one is expected to leave earlier than 6:30 pm even when you finished your tasks on time. c. Very low salary, around 30 - 40 percent below market average. d. Turnover rate for this department is over 50% within one year. e. Doing endless excel reports that managers don't even care about. f. Outdated software, still not going paperless. When you go in for interview, you will noticed the endless filed cabinets of papers which in my opinion can be a fire hazard as it takes up space for emergency evacuation. G. If you do not speak Mandarin Chinese, you will be an outcast in this group. Testing Department Sweatshop - as you will work 6 days a week, and with the low wages they are offering they can afford to pay you overtime. Quality department You will either need to speak Vietnamese or Chinese to be able to clearly communicate to some of the test operator otherwise you will end up with many defective parts at the end. Procurement Uneven workload distribution, some will be able to leave on time while others handle double the workload compare to your co worker. IT department You are dealing with old system, and constant breaking down of software because Foxconn can not afford to purchase a legitimate software from another company. They hired some engineer in China to write most of the software, and you will need to troubleshoot with them late into the evening to fix various problems. Don't expect to leave before 7 pm everyday. Okay now onto my review for the work environment Here are the areas of improvement 1) People are parking illegally behind the building, while facility simply draw a few white lines over the red ones to accommodate parking spaces. 2) No elevator to the second floor, if you injured yourself on the job and can't walk up the stairs you will be out of luck. (Isn't this a disability violation?) 3) There is no cafeteria. All you have are some Walmart table and chairs on the production line. Most people go out to lunch because they just feel too depress to stay there 9 hours straight. 4) Fire hazard, there are so many cabinets around the hall way it makes it impossible to have two people walk pass each other in the hall way. It makes you wonder what happens in the event of a fire. 5) No one on site have their own office, it means managers can hear you across the room while you are on the phone or speaking to one of your co worker. 6) No designated smoking area, cigarette butts everywhere. 7) Water filter was never replaced over two years, and I was surprised no one end up with heavy metal poisoning. Work Culture It is expected of you to work overtime without additional compensation. 9 - 10 hour days are normal. Salary compensation Lower than market average by 35-40 percent. Management Company profit first, and employee work/balance and wellness is last. They do not want anyone to voice their opinion or better ways to do things, just follow the same old method from 20 years ago. Safety Employees didn't received proper training for safety and no one is there to enforce safety regulations, as the company have many incidents where employees end up in emergency room. I will highly not recommend my friends for this company. You will guarantee to lose that friendship once your friend gets hired here and blame you for not warning them. If you are desperate and need to earn a paycheck, I would recommend go for Flextronics or other contract manufacturing company that pays higher salary for the same type of work."

Current Employee - Manufacturing Engineer says

"Extremely poor salary compensation with no no salary raises. Management is extremely disorganized and undisciplined. Very hostile work environment."

Test Engineer says

"Low pay, high stress and long hours"

Fulfillment Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Foxconn underpays and overwhelms employees. It’s constantly a threat of getting fired from the managers. You can do that or you leave. But some things just aren’t possible and especially if you work in an agency first. If you possibly get hired starting is only 40k a year. I hate this company. Would not recommend. Everything"

Forklift Operator (Current Employee) says

"Look up their website and you'll find their a worldwide company,a multi trillion dollars business and they give no benifits, nothing! They have 92,000 employees worldwide and in Utah your paid $13.00 an hour and kept on temp status for the purpose of one being expendable. We are expected to and pushed daily to produce,produce,produce,this place is nothing short of a Chinese sweat factory avoid at your own peril.NoneChinese sweat factory"

Crew Member (Former Employee) says

"Hispanic, Chinese clicks that all report to the General Manager, on all gossip, and day-to-day business. anyone in these clicks can say an untruth about you, and you'll be an outcast"

Sistemas (Former Employee) says

"Pesima, personal a cargo carentes de proposito y significado en todas las areas"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Was an original member brought on when the buildings all opened. They have slowly replaced every American worker and have cut every employee who has a professional background and a higher salary. They will force their cultural and religious beliefs on you. They will expect you to sacrifice so much for so little money. The outlook of this place is not promising. All everyone does is lie. They do not even pretend to cadre about you as a human being they will also treat women much differently than men"

Emsamble de chasis (Former Employee) says

"Esa fábrica no valora al buen trabajador la falta de informacion en cuanto al trabajo es pésima no me gusta trabajar ahí y por eso me quiero ir me considero buena trabajadora"

Senior Warehouse Manager (Former Employee) says

"As for management status, If you are non-Chinese, you are not respected. Only Chinese management have a future, non-chinese do not have a future in a famiily run company. Dont work for them their pay and benefits a medicore."

Computer Tech (Former Employee) says

"This company is basically a sweatshop. Mast production environment. Unskilled production line employees. Most speak very little English and often connect parts incorrectly causing damaged parts. Using Foxconn was a bad decision by HP executives. Cause quality has suffered"

Puller (Former Employee) says

"They discriminated a lot with blacks!!! They are dishonest and they not for black people at all!! They don't show good appreciation.. They do not care if they hurt u or not"

Coordinador de producción (Former Employee) says

"Existen muchas preferencias por los altos mandos solo por algunos supervisores , y a los que no entran a los grupos no duranAntigiedadMafia"

Auxiliar Administrativo (Former Employee) says

"Mal ambiente de trabajo, administracion sin metas ni objetivos claros a seguir.Seguro MedicoMala cafeteria, y mal ambiente de trabajo"

Tester/Assembler (Current Employee) says

"Very Asian oriented, little training they show you what to do one day then your on your own ,Low pay we were actually building computers, very unorganizedRestaurant inside (Asian of course)No off days very inconsiderate"

Debug Technician / Test Operator (contract) says

"Typical day: getting overwork from shift managers to make them look good. Getting $8-10 which for any normal citizen of United States of America is not near good to live on unless you are staying with mommy and daddy. Up to 12 hour work shift when production is booming. Expect layoffs and downshifting and betrayals from Nepalese/Chinese majority work force with this employer."

Computer Technician (Former Employee) says

"Work was awful. Racism from supervisors. They had lots of favoritism. Managers were never around to help one with problems. Breaks were short... Quality assessment was rude and didn't help out but instead would talk to acting supervisor and say bad things about one.Short breaks, only one day off"

Asembly line packout data entry (Former Employee) says

"Low pay no raises honestly. Not worth it there’s better jobs out there who will pay you more than $8/$9 . You do way too much for low pay . They have favorites and only favorites move up ."

Test Engineer (Former Employee) says

"The party was always somewhere no one wanted to go! The Christmas gift was once a smelly backpack. There's a lot of corruption going on in this company.Free coffee, healthcareBlind leading the blind"

Capturista (Former Employee) says

"la cafeteria es de mala calidad, y no hay evaluaciones constantesdistancia"

Warranty Trainee (Former Employee) says

"An Engineering intern/coop is a problem-solver, facilitator, change agent, innovator, and technical resource. Responsible for performing these functions on issues as they are assigned (or arise) in the designated area.OvertimeMandatory"

HR Executive (Former Employee) says

"I worked long back there. It was always under pressure and no idea about current situation. But if i get an opportunity there again, i will keep that as a last option."

Manager Sales (Former Employee) says

"The management was not at all supportive on any decisions and salary benefits were not there. I would not advise anyone joining Foxconn specially in Electronics Department in India"